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Improved working conditions and safety for health workers and caregivers

Patient dignity and comfort

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Dr. Laurent Helewa and Dr. Mayer Helewa,
Inventors of the 1st bedpan liner


20 years of innovation…
Dr. Helewa created the first bedpan liner and
super-absorbent hygienic bags in 1998 and has continued
to develop medical hygiene innovations ever since.

... Multi-award winner...
Numerous Prizes and Distinctions
1998 Paris, France & 2011 Geneva, Switzerland
Voted best new product
2012 & 2014 Caregiver.com, Orlando, USA
2015 Medical Design Excellence Award NYC, USA

... Adopted worldwide
Used more than 200 million times around the world:
in hospitals, nursing homes and for home health care,
medical transportation and emergencies.


2 new patents,
new technologies and materials

A new version 2.0

More efficient, more cost-effective
super-absorbent hygienic bags

And the next generation in hospital bedding:
New Bedding®,
Multi Detachable & Disposable Fitted Sheets

Quality and service

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