Fitted sheets are often soiled, and can be contaminated.
When soiled, both fitted sheets and Mattress Protector should be changed.

TRADITIONAL SHEETS: Mattress Protector and Linen fitted sheets

  • Can take up to 10 minutes to change sheets

  • Many get stolen, torn or disintegrate (up to 25% per year)

SINGLE USE SHEETS: Mattress Protector and disposable fitted sheets

  • Very uncomfortable, Rough on the skin, Top layer disintegrates easily

  • If soiling of matress protector is not visible, risk of contamination.


Ultra-soft & absorbent / waterproof

  • Innovative and Unique double-sided material: Ultra-soft & absorbent on one side, waterproof on the other side detachable and disposable, with elastic holder

  • 32% Softer than standard hospital sheets

  • Ideal in case of: bed confinment, incontinence, dependency; risk of infection or pests, staff shortages

  • Help prevent HAI: next sheet is protected, barrier to bacterias

  • No more: laundry, ironing, disinfection; Saves time & labor, Have a fresh sheet in under a minute

  • Remove the fitted sheet when convenient, or when soiled, or in case of risk of infection or pests

Practical, hygienic, and cost-effective

All in 1 !

In Hospital:

Isolated patients, EMS, geriatry, maternity, ressusitation room, ICU, OR, when bed soiling can be frequent and with frail or immuno-compromised patients

Dr Helewa


1- What are New Bedding® sheets?
- Patented innovative bedding that is made from a propriety blend of fibers that creates a nonwoven bed sheet:
• 32% softer than hospital sheets*
• Absorbent Rayon and Bamboo fibers
• Each layer is laminated with a breathable PU laminate that provides a total waterproof barrier allowing the nonwoven fabric to help disperse heat and perspiration through the airspaces in our construction
• New Bedding® sheets patented multilayered design features 2 individual bed sheet layers, on our base fitted sheet that can be removed
daily, or when soiled, to reveal a new fresh sheet.
• Simply remove the layer and dispose of it in regular waste. Dispose of RMW accordingly.

2- Available models:
Standard Hospital Bed, XL Hospital Bed, OR - EMS, Child bed

3- Why New Bedding® sheets?
- This is a revolutionary change for hospital bedding, with New Bedding ® sheets you:
• Reduce the time to make the bed
• Have a fresh sheet in under a minute
• Great for bed ridden patients, simple enough for one person to safely change the sheet
• Change sheet every day, or when needed for maximum comfort
• Never have to replace worn out linens
• Up to 25% of fitted sheets need to be replace each year = $$
• Laundry services require “True up” to inventory to cover “shrinkage” of bed sheets
• Have a sealed New Bedding ® sheets for every new patient.
• Can allocate staff time to be more productive

4- How do New Bedding® sheets address infections disease contamination?
- New Bedding® sheets do not transmit infectious material
• The absorbent fibers capture perspiration of liquids.
• The waterproof laminate prevents any penetration of liquids to the next layer. New Bedding® sheets is neutral in the potential spread of infectious diseases.*

   In facility:
- Cost of linen sheets and mattress protector
- 25% of fitted sheets need to be replace each year
- Working time to change sheets: up to 10 min.
- Cost of Laundry (+/-2€ /kg)

   Home health-care:
- Cost of linen sheets and mattress protector
- Working time to change sheets (caregiver, helper): up to 10 min.
- Cost of Laundry (machine + products + water)


5- Cost effective?
- New bedding is a revolutionnary concept, improving hygiene and saving time. Anyhow, to compare the costs, should be considered:


New Bedding

Product cost
Waste cost
Working time:
1 min.